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3 Pack T-shape Chest Wrinkle Pads


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Inspired by the anatomy of side sleeping and how our cleavage affects the hold Cleverfy Silicone Wrinkle Chest Pad line is designed to smooth out crepey, lined skin while you sleep.

T-Shaped anti-wrinkle chest pads are created with women’s décolletage area in mind. With its T-Shaped hold and SilicoFix Grip, this flexible patch delivers a firm grip outperforming any other wrinkle remover.

Made with FDA approved medical grade silicone, T-Shaped anti-wrinkle chest pads are nonirritating and act as the softest’ second’ skin while being extra kind to your delicate, damaged décolletage area. Its gentle breathable texture is even suitable for warm days.


Cleverfy 3 PACK T- SHAPE is reusable, washable, and able to last up to 15 times! Great for providing much needed Treatment, Love and Care for matured and ageing chest area to replace it with visibly smooth, plump, dewy skin. Clever to use and see the difference!

Our product features


Pack of 3, up to 15 uses each!

Not just reusable, but you'll enjoy knowing your anti wrinkle pad is also washable, and able to last up to 15 times!


SilicoFix Design Extra Strong Adhesive

Eliminates Chest Wrinkles While You Sleep! Unlike many beauty wrinkle pads, that use flimsy silicon or cause irritation, not to mention a weak grip that falls off your skin, this thick, flexible patch out-performs any wrinkle remover every single day!


T-shape hold!

The T-Shaped Hold was created with a woman’s shape in mind. Because we studied the anatomy of side sleeping, and how our cleavage affects the hold, we were able to find the best Silicone flex, density and shape, and combine it with our Strong Adhesive Grip. This creates a better hold, less slipping, and naturally brings more moisture to crepey, lined skin for healing and smoothing.


Comfortable and easy to use

Of course, you’re using this on a very sensitive place, so we did our homework there too. If you’re like most women you’ll appreciate keeping your chest free from irritation and rashes. So as you can see, we’ve used FDA Approved, Medical Grade Silicone that won’t irritate, while being extra kind to your delicate, damaged skin. And we’ve used the softest “second skin” on the market

(… feel it, you’ll see).


Helps reduce wrinkles

Great to use before special occasions like weddings or celebrations and also for those warm days!


Fast results after 1 night!

Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing that those chest wrinkles are about to be replaced by smooth, plump, dewy skin when you finally try the (very clever), Cleverfy Chest Pads For Wrinkles!

Happy Couple

The Perfect Gift!

Cleverfy silicone chest pads are a  perfect way to prepare for a special occasion a night before. Also, ideal as a gift- an awesome way of showing your appreciation and love.