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Lemongrass & Coconut

Refreshing and mood boosting!

An exotic tropical touch of creamy coconut and zesty Lemongrass brightens Monday mornings blues giving you a balanced & happy shower experience. Ready to take on a week full of ambition and strength!

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Cacao & Orange

Refreshing and mood boosting!

A delectable base of creamy cocoa complemented with uplifting citrus notes is pure bliss for your brain. Evoke the familiar and comforting aroma of juicy orange dipped in dark chocolate!

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about lemongrass essential oil.

Peony and Pear.jpg
Peony & Pear

Refreshing and mood boosting!

A burst of luxurious opulence peony blends with rich fruitiness of pear to deliver both bright and warmth at the same time. Wrap your body with the delicate yet sophisticated fragrance of ultimate femininity!

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