The story of Cleverfy


I love taking a long and steamy shower in the evenings.

I light up some candles, turn on some calming music, and activate shower steamers to create my own home-SPA.


It’s about freedom, a sense of luxury and being happy with yourself today.

Unfortunately, the all-different shower fizzers I tried were neither strong enough to bring aroma-filled vapours nor lasted long throughout my shower ritual.

I tried to fill in the missing elements. I put my heart and soul into making a product I love and use daily. I spent every day and night designing a pleasurable shower steamer and were able to develop the most efficacious, transformative range – and I treasured every second of it.


My commitment drove my journey to launch Cleverfy to address unmet long and steamy shower needs. I sincerely hope I create the shower steamers you tell us you wish existed.

Cleverfy’s goal is to offer the best shower experience and

believe you love every moment with them.


​With Love,


Founder of Cleverfy