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ANNOUNCEMENT: CLEVERFY Is Joining PETA’s Global 'Beauty Without Bunnies' Program

CLEVERFY is proud to be approved by PETA (People of the Ethical Treatment of the Animal). To spread the word that CLEVEFY is approved by PETA, we are endorsing its bunny logo to our CLEVERFY packaging- the gold standard for consumers to rely on when making compassionate purchases.

When you see the PETA-Approved bunny logo on the product, you can be confident that products made by our company will never be tested on our furry friends, and products labeled as vegan are, in fact, vegan.

Beauty Without Bunnies listing of PETA-Approved CLEVERFY Covers Following Criteria:

  • Finished Products: CLEVERFY products are not tested on animals by the company or any other company.

  • Ingredients: Our ingredients are not tested on animals by the company or any other company.

  • Third Parties: No third party is testing CLEVERFY products or components on animals on their behalf.

  • Required by Law: We don’t test on animals where the law requires it and are not sold in mainland China.

“Not testing any of our products on animals is essential to our ethos at CLEVERFY. PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies Program is renowned internationally for its high-quality standards and thoroughness, and we are proud to be a brand that is officially PETA Approved. So, you can enjoy simple yet luxurious shower ritual while knowing that no animals were harmed for your beauty routine.” – Helen ........, Founder of CLEVERFY.

More About PETA

PETA is the largest animal rights organization worldwide, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters. Since 1980, PETA has launched a series of campaigns against animal abuse and exploitation and persuaded organizations and lawmakers to end using animals whenever and wherever possible.

To qualify for Beauty Without Bunnies listing of PETA-Approved a brand must investigate its supply chains, implement a fixed cut-off date to animal testing, and conduct independent audits to ensure compliance for every product in every market the brand sells in.

In addition to, our CLEVERFY policy that prohibits all animal tests for our products and the ingredients used in them anywhere in the world, we work hand in hand with the green beauty movement, which aims to better people and the planet. We are on the side of caution naturally derived, green chemistry and do not use that could be potential irritants. Green Beauty Movement for us also means being a brand that is ethical, sustainable and has transparency.