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Bergamot & Mandarin Shower Steamer: Adding Extra Dose of Sunshine To The Life

Shower steam filled with Bergamot’s sunny, sweet aroma that harmoniously blends with Mandarin’s sweet fruity scents with subtle floral undertones brightens your brain as well as body. Both Bergamot and mandarin have incredible aromatherapy benefits.

Bergamot essential oil is obtained from the rinds of citrus fruit -Citrus bergamia, and its volatile content is made of limonene (59.21%), linalool (9.51%), and linalyl acetate (16.83%) mainly. This essential oil contains γ-terpinene, β-pinene, and myrcene as well.

Like any other citrus essential oil, Bergamot is renowned for its stress-reducing effect. A study conducted on women in Japan showed that inhaled bergamot oil mixed with water vapor lowered feelings of anxiety and fatigue. In addition, an article (2013) published in the journal of Current Drug reported that aromatherapy, including bergamot, helps relieve depression, anxiety, and other mood-related disorders. Researchers suggest that aromatherapeutic components of essential oils may improve the signaling pathway from the olfactory system to the central nervous system releasing dopamine and serotonin- happy hormones that stabilize our mood, feelings of well-being. Bergamot oil also features linalool and carvacrol that have pain-easing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Similarly, mandarin boost the calming feelings of upset or oversensitivity. This oil is extracted from fruits of the Citrus reticulata through the cold-pressed method. Its chemical composition includes limonene, myrcene a-thujone, a-pinene, camphene, sabinene, and b-pinene. Due to this unique composition, mandarin oil acts as a sedative. Its sedating action is more effective in relaxing and pamper nervous exhaustion and emotional imbalances. Mandarin essential oil can soothe attacks of epilepsy, hysteria, and convulsions. Moreover, it reduces stress and anxiety, promoting feelings of happiness. Plus, mandarin essential oil improves sleep quality and is effective in battling stress-induced insomnia. Mandarin essential oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and s quite helpful for decreasing inflammation and pain.

Our Bergamot & Mandarin shower steamer harnesses the power of both essential oils to relax your mind and body completely. It is developed to help mood fluctuations, soothe nervous disorders and the troubled nervous system. This shower steamer tablet can be safely used whenever you feel the need for some mental calm and its sedative properties. Also, it is an ideal addition if you feel the need for a good night’s sleep.

When you feel down or need some extra sunshine in your life, don’t despair; take a shower with worry-reducing Bergamot & Mandarin tablet.

P.S. You can find CLEVERFY Bergamot & Mandarin Shower Steamer in the following sets: Rose Gold, Purple Waves, Black Gold.


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