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Cocoa & Orange: A Pure Bliss For Your Brain

We all are familiar with the smell of orange. It has a bright and cheerful scent reminiscent of sunny summer weather. Orange is renowned as a natural remedy for many ailments and has been used commonly in folk medicine in the Mediterranean, Middle East, China, and India.

Orange essential oil is obtained from the rind (or sometimes flowers and leaves) of the sweet orange, Citrus sinensis through cold pressing. The essential oil is yellow to orange in colour and has a sweet, fresh, citrus scent. Its composition includes limonene (87.9 - 92.5 %), making the orange essential oil a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Myrcene (`2.0 %) and linalool (1.2%) are also present in this essential oil.

Perhaps one of the most well-known therapeutic effects of sweet orange essential oil is its ability to lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression. Several science-backed studies also support the claim. As per the 2012 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers suggest that inhaling in the aroma of sweet orange essential oil may help reduce anxiety.

In another study, researchers found orange essential oil can amend activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain- the area responsible for decision making and that helps reveal personality and soften social behaviour. When explaining their emotional state after breathing the oils, the participants used words like “comfortable,” “relaxed,” and “natural”.

Furthermore, aromatherapy with orange essential oil seems to relieve short-term pain of sore muscle and joints due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, a small-scale study suggests that smelling orange essential oil can improve exercise performance. According to the findings, participants who inhaled the oil had a significant reduction in running times and increased lung function.

Apart from its aromatherapeutic properties, orange essential oil helps better digestion, boost the immune system, and treat skin problems.

Our Cocoa & Orange Shower Steamer has a detectable cocoa base harmoniously blended in juicy, tangy uplifting orange notes to unwind the body and enhance the mood while promoting mental clarity. No wonder it is pure bliss for the brain at the end of hump day.


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