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Do shower steamers work?

Shower steamers are becoming popular outside of the aromatherapy niche. A small tablet of therapeutic ingredients to diffuse luscious aroma as the shower water comes into contact, shower steamers are the perfect addition to transform usual shower time into a spa-like experience.

Given that taking a shower is much quicker than having a bath, the question remains, are shower steamers worth it?

For anyone still skeptical of the benefits, here are the top five reasons you need to use shower steamers.

01. Shower steamers are therapeutic.

The obvious reason! Shower steamers contain essential oils which have therapeutic properties. Once you add a shower steamer tablet, a simple shower quickly turns into a healing session. The science-backed studies also support the effective therapeutic claims of essential oils. Examples- Lavender essential improves the quality of sleep and shows calming and worry-reducing properties. A wonderful mixture of camphor and eucalyptus clears airways and helps with sinus relief. Peony produces an invigorating steam to help you wake up and focus.

02. Shower steamers are more refreshing & relaxing.

Shower time is intimate—the long showers with invigorating yet therapeutic effects, keeping us sane through the craziness around us. Shower steamers make showering feel less like a chore and more like a sauna-like self-care experience. Many people believe shower steamers are so relaxing and refreshing- what a better way to start a hectic day and end the day unwinding your daily chaos.

03. Shower steamers leave skin oil-free

As the essential oils are released into the air, there is almost no contact with the skin, in comparison to a bath bomb which releases the oils directly into the water you are submerged in, essential oil-filled steam is a far safer process. However, most aromatherapeutic products are oily and leave your skin greasy, such as oil rollers, bath bombs and massage oils. As not meant to be applied on the skin, shower steamers are quite the opposite. They allow you to enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits, leaving skin oil-free.

04. Shower steamers last long

The shower steamer is made of high percentages of essential oils and is not entirely immersed in water. So, it lasts long without dissolving completely, and it is effective enough to release all the goodness and luxury aroma by the time your shower has completed.

05. Shower steamers are more practical

As therapeutic or luxurious as they may be, several other reasons to think shower steamers are a practical solution. First, baths can be time-consuming, from setting up to getting into the tub; however, shower steamers can provide us just what we want in ten to fifteen minutes. And still, you can experience quick therapy sessions and luxury if you don’t have a bathtub in your apartments.

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