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Peony & Pear Turns Everyday Shower Into Relaxing Spa Day

There is nothing like a refreshing shower to unwind you. Have you ever thought to level up your regular shower into a spa experience? Now you can make your shower a luxurious, pleasurable ritual with well-formulated shower steamers. Upon contact with water, shower steamers release essential oils so that you can enjoy a lovely spa-like experience.

You can pamper yourself with our Peony & Pear Shower Steamer. Just place the shower steamer on the shower floor away from the heavy stream allowing to hug all senses with the amazing fragrance that it emits. (Do not place directly in the stream of water, the tablet will melt too fast.) Peony & Pear Shower Steamer are activated by the water droplets and steam from your shower like any other Cleverfy shower steamers creating clouds of vapour that have a therapeutic aroma. They are easier to use thanks to their effervescent formulation.

Peony & Pear Shower Steamer has a unique delicate yet sophisticated fragrance of ultimate femininity. The heart of luxurious opulence peony layering with the complexity of rich, fruity pear notes explodes the superior feminine floral scent while brightening and warming your moods simultaneously.

The therapeutic benefits of peony contain in roots, seeds, and flowers. Peony had been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is a herbal remedy for various ailments, such as arthritis gout, respiratory tract infections, liver disease, menstrual cramps, seizures, nerve pain, and migraines. It is thought that peony might block chemicals produced by the body that result in muscle cramps. Besides, paeoniflorin in peony may act as an antioxidant, smoothing wrinkles.

Aromatherapeutic practitioners believe that inhaling the aroma of essential oil or absorbing it through the skin is said to transmit signals to the brain's limbic system- a region that influences the nervous system. Several science-backed studies found a short olfactory stimulation with peony scents that helps improve brain functions, cognition, memory as well as relax moods.

Picture yourself lounging in a French garden surrounded by just-bloomed fresh peonies and ripen pears. Cleverfy Peony & Pear shower steamer will take you there.


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