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Why is showering together a great idea? (Top-five reasons)

Showering together is one of the best things (perfect moments of re-connecting) that can do with the partner. It is not sexual per se. But many agree that showering together helps create a perfect couple bond to hold the both of you together– with a hint of an extra intimacy.

Showering together has a lot of benefits attached to it— we're not just talking about saving water!

  1. It improves intimacy.

Intimacy is not synonymous with sexual relations. It is considered a feeling of being close, emotionally connected, and supported. Research reveals that showering together brings you closer as a couple more than anything else, even laying in the same bed or cuddling.

Showering is the most private moment in one's daily routine. When you are in the same shower with your partner, it means you are letting him/ her share the most precious personal time with her/ him without hiding yourself and revealing all aspects of your life. Moreover, you are about to open new things and discover deeply connecting partners at every level, sensually, physically, and otherwise.

  1. It is sensual

Perhaps showering together might be the best sensual experience in your life. Water splash on the skin, soft kisses back of the neck, and repetitive caress of your partner's breath surely awaken your senses. Moreover, it may most likely be spontaneous.

Taking a shower together spices up your romance that improves life and relationship. Don't forget to add subtle background music, dim the light to complement, and turn on the aromatherapeutic hot steam shower to level up the romance. And, enjoy your effortless date!

  1. It relieves stress.

Showering together may not necessarily be sensual all the time. Sometimes, it is a relaxing experience to unwind from the daily chaos.

After a long day, both of you are tired, maybe frustrated, and you are in no mood to have simple talks or a romantic time together. This stressful situation hugely causes tension, mood swings, or lack of communication between couples. Showers are known to be relaxing. But showering together doubles up the effect. Before you know it, you will both stop seeing each other as the tired person, and more like the lover you first fell in love with. (Love to learn more about stress-relieving and sleep-aid, read on Lavender Shower Steamers: A Meaningful Moment of Selfcare)

  1. Your best ideas seem to come out in the shower

Dopamine- feeling good chemical messenger- is released in our brains. Triggers like listening to music, and taking a warm shower boosts dopamine flow, leaving us in a relaxed state of mind. When relaxed, you are more likely to pay attention inwards and work creatively. Then, brainstorming happens. While you are taking a shower together, you have someone to discuss the new idea. You can share, re-strategize and bring it to life with less stress.

05.You spot changes in your body as well.

You notice not just sensitive or sensual spots; it could be skin blemishes, infections, lumps, or growth that could have become cancer. This is another reason why taking a shower together is popular among couples.