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Cleverfy Shower Steamers

Perhaps it's the fact that we use only the purest essential oils that make Cleverfy Shower Steamers smell so incredible, and make you feel so relaxed, or maybe it's the added nature-identical fragnance and REAL flower petals that women adore most. Regardless of reason, when you take your first deep breath in these heady aromas, you'll wonder how you ever made it through the day without shower-aromatherapy in your life!


Melt Your Day Away Into Total Bliss!

Simply place your shower steamer into the corner of your shower. It’s designed to slowly melt under the light steamy streams of shower and not directly under the shower head. 


And when you do this, the strong, therapeutic scent will last your entire shower so you can enjoy your small, yet meaningful  moment of self-care for as long as you choose (or, until the kids come running in!)

Perfect Gift for Pampering!

Cleverfy Shower Steamers come in beautiful packacing. We have a variety of 8 Shower Steamer Sets, each in a giftable package. Suitable for all occasions!