Cleverfy Silicone Wrinkle Pads

Imagine if you could reduce decollete wrinkles with a silicone skin while you sleep. Well, women, skincare experts, and even skeptics now agree you can. And while we can’t speak for other chest masks that slip and irritate, we can say the Cleverfy Chest Pad with its unique SilicoFix Design is the clever wrinkle pad you were looking for.

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A Firm All Night Hold!

It’s the SilicoFix Design that makes Cleverfy so loved. Notice this chest mask is not heart or teardrop shaped. Instead, it is T-Shape, known as the “hold tight, all night” shape. We then added our extra-firm adhesive, for beauty pads that hold strong. In fact, it’ll hold on for up to 15 days, it’s 100% Washable and Reusable.

Silicone Science!

Whether it’s from uv, side sleeping, or toxins; dry, wrinkled, crepey skin is damaged skin. Collagen, Elastin and Moisture Attractants are depleted – creating those dry, rough, patchy lines. It’s well documented that silicone pads are used in burns treatment to encourage hydration and renewal, and it is this same science that has been discovered to renew the damaged decolletage.

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Dermatologically tested

Our Silicon Pads are the only Clinically Tested, Dermatologist Approved and Kind to Skin chest wrinkle pads on the market. We use medical clear silicone, the same medicated silicone used in hospitals worldwide. As soon as your wrinkle reducer arrives, feel how thick and smooth it is – just like a “second skin”, right? That’s how you know you’re holding a premium grade Skin Pad, designed to truly benefit skin, and soften lines.