2023 in Retrospect: Create Your Best Year Yet!

2023 in Retrospect: Create Your Best Year Yet!

With 2023 finally here, most of us are looking for ways to redefine our lives and futures for the better. One popular way to do this is through a year in retrospect, and approaching your 2023 year in retrospect is a great way to get inspired and start making changes. What does a 2023 in retrospect look like? Let’s find out!


What is a Retrospect? ✨

When you look at a year in retrospect, you are going to take time to visualize the next year of your life. Sit back and really ask yourself what you want the new year to look like. What will you accomplish? Who will you be? This year, use the Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques to make your dreams a reality.

This thought exercise is perfect for helping you to start 2023 off right and stick with any changes that you want to make throughout the year. It is a practice that gives manifestation meaning by encouraging you to open yourself up to the things you deserve and make them a reality. Once you have done some brainstorming, it is time to write it all down in a letter to yourself. Define how to plan your year–and then stick to it!


Writing Your Letter 📝💌

We all have our own unique goals and ambitions, and in 2023, we are going to make sure that they are well-defined. You might have different goals in place than your best friend, coworker, or neighbor—don’t worry! That is what makes these letters so special. You are going to write a letter to yourself defining what victories the next year will include and what you can do to make it happen.


Career Advancement 💼📈🎓

Growing a career is a goal that people make every single year, and putting it in your letter can help you to commit to it. Ask yourself what your career advancement will look like in 2023. Will you learn a new work skill? Work for a promotion and more money? Open your mind to all of the possibilities you can explore and work on your money manifestation!


New Hobbies 🎨🏌🏾‍♂️🛼

Maybe 2023 isn’t the big year for your career development. Instead, 2023 might be an opportunity for you to connect with yourself and learn something new—like a brand-new hobby you have always wanted to explore. It doesn’t matter if it is yoga or playing the violin. What will you learn in 2023?


Social Goals 👫🕺🥳

After some of the more recent years, most of us are looking for new ways to connect with the people around us. It might mean being brave enough to start attending the occasional office Happy Hour or reaching out to connect with people over a shared hobby. Maybe you even plan to start manifesting love! Choose what works for you.


How to Get in the Right Mindset for Your Retrospect 🧘🏻‍♀️

A retrospect requires a calm place and a moment of quiet reflection, and few things support relaxation and reflection quite like our shower steamer megapacks. With our megapacks, you can use aromatherapy with our shower bombs and shower melts to get in the right mindset and start thinking about what your future will look like!


Start Visualizing Today! 🔮

Cleverfy Beauty shower bombs and shower melts are perfect for helping you reflect on the year you just experienced and the year that is to come. Using the law of attraction and a little aromatherapy, you can start manifesting love, explore money manifestation, and learn how to plan your year one shower at a time. Manifestation techniques never smelled this good—and your future looks bright!



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