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Beat the Heat: Cooling Aromatherapy Shower Steamers for Summer Relief

Summer is here! The time to live your best life - full of energy, bright and flourishing! And everything around is whispering to go outdoors. While that brings many joys to the season, there is a downside to the glorious time of the year. Summer is also the season of sweltering. When temperatures hike and the blazing sun beats down on you, it is unbearably hot. Enduring uncomfortable heat is non-negotiable. You may feel tired, sticky, and irritable. Summer heat also may lead to worsening medical conditions like rosacea, respiratory illnesses, and autoimmune diseases.

The best thing to do during the warmest time of the year is to stay chilly. Hydrating yourself, eating lightly, wearing light-colored loose clothes, and limiting sunlight exposure are essential to keep you cooler when temperatures soar. And sometimes, a little tweak to your self-care routine can be helpful more than ever when life gets too hot to handle. Have you ever tried turning your shower into a luxurious spa experience? 

Now, getting a spa-level shower experience at home is possible thanks to our aromatherapy shower steamer tablets without even a sauna, pool, or steam room! Our menthol and eucalyptus essential oil-infused shower steamer tablets are one of the cool ways to cool down and beat the heat! All you must do is place them in your shower, turn on the water, breathe, and let the steamer do its magic.

How Do Menthol and Eucalyptus Give a Cooling Effect? 🔎🌿🧊

Menthol and eucalyptus are popular forms of cold therapy and chemically trigger cold receptors and boost blood flow. They do not lower the temperature of the body or skin. Instead, those compounds “trick” your brain into thinking they are cold!

Menthol activates a protein called TRPM8 found in cold-sensing nerve cells and produces a cooling sensation by stopping the current along the nerves responsible for identifying temperature. Then a message receives via the nerve endings is that the body or skin is cooling without any actual fall in temperature in the area. Similarly, eucalyptus, known for its distinctive, menthol-like aroma due to the presence of eucalyptol, also provides a cooling sensation rather than lowering the skin temperature!

Our Green Gift Set; Green 12-pack and Breathe Easy 18-pack contain cooling properties of menthol and eucalyptus essential oil for a refreshing shower experience, offering relief from the summer heat and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. So, whenever you feel hot, don’t forget to take a moment to yourself with us to stay cool naturally and more comfortably.

Moreover, menthol and eucalyptus essential oils with anti-inflammatory activity increase blood circulation and help energize fluid flow, reducing redness or puffiness. These benefits may help soothe sun-damaged skin and rejuvenate it. Menthol and eucalyptus essential oils also help respiratory conditions such as asthma and sinusitis by inhaling steam. They react with mucous membranes, helping loosen so that you can cough up and breathe easily. For this reason, Cleverfy steamers help improve summer cold and other respiratory illnesses.


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