How to avoid Spring Fatigue with Aromatherapy?

How to avoid Spring Fatigue with Aromatherapy?

Fresh scents that help to invigorate & energize us

Are you tired of being beaten by the winter blues? At this time of year, you may still struggle with deep unhappiness associated with the cold and darkness of winter. Or, sometimes, you need little extra energy to keep yourself positive and motivated regardless of the season.

But, coming out of a long winter or feeling energized can't seem simple because it is also a state of mind. And there is no one-fit-to-all for promoting the overall energy levels - diet, exercise, stress, sleep, emotional state, and medications - can all play a part. But there is one thing that surely can boost energy level when you need it most - essential oils. So, you can add aromatherapy-inspired post-winter wellness rituals to wrap some of the warmth over you.

Scents that are warming, sweet, and tangy are best for the winter blue and fatigue. These aromas stimulate the positive brain chemicals that boost energy levels, motivation, and focus. One whiff, and within a few seconds, you may feel the difference.

Different essential oils deliver different results. The best essential oils for boosting energy and winter blue are below:

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: The bright, sweet fresh scent of orange is reminiscent of sunny summer weather. Its well-known therapeutic effect is its ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Plus, sweet oranges help decision-making and social behavior. The smelling orange essential oil can improve exercise performance as well.

Grapefruit Essential Oil: Most citrus essential oils are renowned for their ability to invigorate and energize. This is certainly the case for grapefruit essential oil, which works this synergy with its sparkling, purifying, and invigorating side.

Bergamot & Mandarin Essential Oils: Like any other citrus essential oil, bergamot, and mandarin are well-known for stress-reducing effects and fatigue. They also help relieve depression, anxiety, and other mood-related disorders. These essential oils may improve the signaling pathway from the olfactory system to the central nervous system releasing dopamine and serotonin- happy hormones that balance our mood and feelings of well-being. Mandarin essential oil alone can soothe epilepsy, hysteria, and convulsions. Plus, mandarin essential oil acts as a sedative and effectively battles stress-induced insomnia while improving sleep quality.

Watermelon Scent: Its fresh sweet fragrance adds a burst of fruity summertime in any season. This refreshing and energizing aroma uplifts your spirit while banishing stress.

Now you can enjoy the refreshing and revitalizing properties of citrus and watermelon aroma with CLEVERFY shower steamers.

Be good to yourself. Little self-care can go a long way!

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