How to Create and Replace Habits for This Year

How to Create and Replace Habits for This Year

It is often said that our habits define us, but most of us have a habit or two that we would prefer to replace. Whether you’re known for nail-biting or for spending a little too much time scrolling on your phone, you can always replace old habits with new and better ones. Even if you aren’t ready to tackle some of your bad habits, you can still create new habits that support a better you. In this post, we’re exploring productivity tips, daily habits, and the power of habit for 2023!


Reflect on Your Current Habits 💭

Your first step any time that you address your habits is to reflect on the habits that you already have. You can do this by taking a closer look at your daily habits or even using a habit tracker. When you do this, your goal is to reflect on both your good habits and your bad habits.

Reflecting on the habits you have is important because it will help you to establish a baseline. Take time to think about the simple habits you have that define your daily routines. What do you want to keep—and what do you want to change?


Consider the Habits You Want 🙏

Now that you have taken some time to consider the habits you already have, it is time to ask yourself what kind of habits you want in the new year. These habits might be opposed to current bad habits that you have, or they might be new habits entirely. Ultimately, your goal is to figure out what habits will take you closer to being the person that you want to be.

Possible Habits Include:
⏰ Waking up early
🥗 Eating healthier foods
🚶Going on more walks
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Spending more time with family
📖 Taking time each day to practice a new language

    Use Self-Care to Support Better Habits ✨

    Sometimes it feels easy to form certain habits, and other times it feels nearly impossible. The real key to success is showing yourself a little extra love and support in the form of self-care. 

    Good self-care practices help you to build better habits by ensuring you have a clear mind and open heart. One great hands-off self-care technique is to use aromatherapy, which can help you to relax and feel more positive about your future. Of course, aromatherapy can also help you to romanticize your life. If you are hoping to be more positive in 2023, you can use shower steamers, shower bombs, and shower melts to turn every shower into a trip to the spa.


    Build a Better You in 2023! 🦸

    At Cleverfy Beauty, we know that the best moments in life are the ones where we treat ourselves right. To build the habits you want to see in 2023, put aside time to start a self-care habit. Whether you choose to turn a shower into a luxury getaway or just focus more on other mindfulness practices, you are choosing to support a brighter future for yourself!
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