How to Romanticize Your Life

How to Romanticize Your Life

Getting caught up in the day-to-day is something that a lot of us end up doing on a regular basis. At first, it can feel like you’re just getting comfortable–then, boom, you realize that you aren’t comfortable–you’re uninspired

The trend of romanticizing your life is all about creating a sense of appreciation by finding the magic in everyday moments. The good news? Anyone can do it, and it will make your life feel a lot better. Let’s discuss how you can romanticize your life a little bit each day!


What Does it Mean to Romanticize Your Life? ☕📚💕

Romanticizing your life is all about channeling your own main-character energy and learning how to find the beauty and magic in little moments. When you romanticize your life, you are making the conscious decision to look at what makes every minute of your life special–no matter how basic it may seem. From reading a book in a scenic space to turning your morning shower into a trip to the spa, you can breathe new life and romance into every part of your day! 


How to do it 💡

Giving your life that perfect storybook filter is easy when you know what steps to take to give every moment a little extra flair. From prioritizing things you love to creating beautiful scenes that make the daily grind feel special, you can romanticize your life with these four tricks!


Set the Scene 🪄

One of the easiest ways to romanticize your life is by setting the scene. You can do this by asking yourself what something should look like and preparing your environment accordingly. Instead of just doing the bare minimum, create a scene you love.

Ways to Set the Scene:

  • Drink from a fun mug for work
  • Use stationary that you love
  • Redesign your workspace 
  • Clean up your home and work areas
  • Create a cozy space for a cold day

Make Yourself the Main Character 👩🏽‍🎤

Main-character energy isn’t just a passing fad–it’s a lifestyle. An easy way to put yourself in the right mindset is to imagine yourself as the main character in that scene. Pretend there is a camera following you around, and imagine what your life would be like through the lens of a director. When all eyes are on you–ask yourself how you can best live up to your own image!


Embrace Your Favorite Media 🎬

Media is where romanticism was made, and it can do a lot to help you to get inspired. If you are just starting your first office job, focus on stories around characters in that circumstance. If you want to fall in love, watch a romantic movie. Surround yourself with stories until you become one!


Take Care of Yourself 💆

A powerful way to live a romanticized life is to regularly practice self-care. Daily rituals and taking care of yourself can help you to feel like you deserve the spotlight. By prioritizing your comfort and self-care plans, you can give the term romanticize meaning that is special to you. Ask yourself: what does loving myself look like–and how can I make it happen?


Aromatherapy & Romanticizing Every Moment 🌸✨

Although daily rituals and beauty masks can help you to romanticize your life, aromatherapy is one really easy way to bring a little romance to every single second. Whether you are studying for a test or taking a shower, a little aromatherapy can make every action feel like magic.

Choosing romantic scents, like rose and pomegranate, vanilla and sweet orange, cocoa and orange, and lavender, can all add new substance to every scene you find yourself in. These scents are sweet, grounding, and can influence the way we feel, enhancing our awareness in every moment.

At Cleverfy Beauty, we make it easy to romanticize your day with our aromatherapy megapacks:

Make every day special by prioritizing yourself and living a life you can feel proud of!


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