Introducing New Megapacks by CLEVERFY!

Introducing New Megapacks by CLEVERFY!

As a CLEVERFY fan, we know you get excited as we do whenever a new collection launches. Our new collection, Megapacks -Energy Boost, Relax, Relaxing & Energizing, Purple, and Breathe Easy- contains eighteen shower steamer tablets with more potent, long-lasting therapeutic luxury aromas.

Tablets in Megapack are 1.06 oz machine pressed, which makes them tenser, thus melting away slower, that last 1.5x longer than hand-pressed tablets. Moreover, they have incredible scents! You probably heard it before. We have developed unique blends of scents using high percentages of essential oil to deliver the strongest aroma on the market. These scents are effective enough to release all the goodness and luxury aroma throughout your shower. Plus, our PETA-approved cruelty-free vegan one-of-kind-of formulae do not include unsafe, synthetic fragrances and toxic nasties like phthalate.

Also, Megapack tablets are wrapped in a foil, making it easier to open, and stuffed in a resealable and water-resistant pouch to place in the shower area with other hygiene products. And no scent diffuses before opening the bag.

Here is a little insight about each Megapack. 

🧡 Energy BoostThese eighteen shower steamers (3x six different tablets: Ginger & Orange, Grapefruit, and Cocoa & Orange) are perfect for a refreshing morning shower that gives a kick start. With hints of peppery sharp, warm ginger aroma enveloped in perky lovely orange scent, Ginger & Orange fizzers help improve circulation, stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system, and uplift your senses while soothing body, mind & mood. Its Grapefruit shower steamers diffuse a fresh and tangy fragrance that has a therapeutic effect in enhancing energy levels and metabolism, encouraging the immune system, fighting throat and respiratory infections and fatigue, and curbing sugar cravings/helps with weight loss. Energy Boost Megapack contains Cocoa & Orange shower steamer tablets with a detectable cocoa base harmoniously blended in juicy, tangy uplifting orange notes. They unwind the body and enhance the mood, which is beneficial against depression, tiredness, and stress and relieves pain.

💜 RelaxWith eighteen shower tablets loaded with aromatherapeutic Lavender essential oil renowned for calming the nervous system, lifting mood, promoting relaxation, reducing stress & anxiety, and trouble sleeping (insomnia). They will surely soothe your senses and wash off your daily chaos in the evening shower.

💜💛 Relaxing & Energizing* - This mega pack contains 3x body, mind & mood-enhancing Ginger & Orange, 3x energy-enhancing Grapefruit, and 3x worry-reducing & pain-relieving Cocoa & Orange for energizing morning showers. 9x calming Lavender tablets are for a relaxing evening shower that helps a “goodnight” sleep.

💜 Purple BestSellerEach mega pack includes six CLEVERFY shower steamer tablets with the most popular scents. As we already learned, Grapefruit enhances energy level while Lavender calms your nervous system. It also has cooling & soothing Menthol for clearing airways, light-heartening Watermelon, cold-fighting Peppermint, and worry-reducing Orange & Vanilla. Our best-seller is also available in Gift Set with six tablets and Multipack with twelve tablets.

💚 Breathe Easy* - CLEVERFY eighteen Menthol & Eucalyptus shower steamer tablets are designed to clear the airway and battle sinus congestion while you are under the weather. It also soothes your senses and promotes the feeling of calmness and freshness when you feel likely to have a cold. Menthol & Eucalyptus not only opens your airways but also eases headache, pain, and stress. Also available in Green Gift Set with six tablets and Green Multipack with 12 tablets.

* - Product only available in the US and Canada


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