Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

The beautiful and unconditional bond shared between children and mothers is honored and celebrated on Mother's Day. This year, in the United States, Mother's Day will fall on Sunday, 14 May 2023, with almost 100 countries celebrating the occasion on the same day.

There is no wrong way to shower Mom with love, but if you want to make her feel extra special this year, Cleverfy is ready to share one of the memorable ways to celebrate. Honor mom and all she does on this Mother's Day with thoughtful Cleverfy shower steamer gift sets that wow her.

Why Will She Love Cleverfy Shower Steamers? 🥰🍉🥥🌈

Cleverfy shower steamers are tablets that deliver a fizzy and free luxurious aroma, harnessing essential oils' subtle therapeutic benefits. They are designed to transform the regular shower routine into the next level and give you a refreshing spa-like experience within the confines of your very own bathroom. These shower steamers help treat various conditions. All you have to do is breathe and relax while the essential oils work magic!

How aromatherapy works is fascinating too. Each essential oil consists of unique volatile aromatic compounds which give its characteristic essence. These aromatic compounds travel directly into the particular brain sector known as the limbic system through the olfactory pathway when we breathe in. The limbic system controls memory and emotion. When we smell something, our limbic system stores interprets, and releases-chemical messengers (neurotransmitters), deeply affecting the mind, body, and mood response.

Aromatherapeutic Benefits 🙌🌸✨

Essential oils are extremely helpful in managing mood and calming anxiety, stress, depression, and related conditions. Citrus essential oils like sweet orange and floral oil such as rose, and lavender are popular aromatic oils for worry-reducing effects and boosting happiness. Plus, some essential oils, including lavender, improve sleep quality and effectively battle restless nights. For example, rose essential oil acts as an anti-depressant and promotes the release of dopamine - a chemical messenger to help clear thinking. Lavender oil aromatherapy has been used to relieve headaches for centuries. Lemongrass aromatherapy, on the other hand, helps ease headaches and migraines as well. 

Aromatherapy with sweet orange essential oil seems to reduce the pain of sore muscles and joints due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Peony also can block chemicals produced by the body that result in muscle cramps. 

Camphor and menthol containing essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint help clear airways, loosen up the phlegm, and clear out stuffy nasal passages whenever you hit a cold.

This Mother's Day, surprise mom with above mentioned aromatherapy oils infused Cleverfy Red Gift Set or Purple Gift Set that is perfect for her. Consider starting a new tradition this year with our self-care gift for the mom that deserves a spa day right in her home!


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