New Compact Gift Sets Are Here!

New Compact Gift Sets Are Here!

Exciting news! We've added something super cool to our lineup – Compact Gift Sets! This collection includes the New Red Gift Set, New Purple Gift Set, and the Relaxing & Energizing Gift Set. These sets are packed with six fantastic shower steamer tablets, each infused with stronger and longer-lasting luxury aromas that'll take your shower experience to a whole new level of awesome.


Now, why should you be excited about these new versions, you ask? 🍉🌸🍊

Well, first off, the tablets in our Compact Gift Sets are a neat 1.04 oz each. That means they're denser and more compact, making them melt away slower and giving you an even longer-lasting shower steamer experience.

As a loyal Cleverfy Beauty fan, you already know our signature scents are top-notch. But guess what? These compact gift sets come with an extra punch of amazing scents. We've used high percentages of essential oils to create aromas that'll blow you away and transform your shower routine into a spa-like retreat.

And the good stuff doesn't stop there – each tablet in the Compact Gift Sets is individually wrapped in foil. No more worrying about scents mixing or fading before you get to enjoy them. Plus, they come in charmingly designed gift boxes, perfect for any special occasion. We've also gone eco-friendly with our packaging to keep the planet happy.

Oh, and did we mention our PETA-approved cruelty-free vegan formula? Yep, you won't find any synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals here.


Here is a little insight into each Compact Gift Set 🔍

❤️ New Red Gift Set: Includes six frizzers (Relaxing & easing stress Lavender, Easy-breathing Menthol & Eucalyptus, mood-boosting Vanilla & Sweet Orange, Cooling & refreshing Peppermint, Calming Lemongrass & Coconut, Relaxing & mind-clearing Pomegranate & Rose) that help reduce stress, enhance concentration & focus while unwinding you. This New Red Gift Set is a little treat to yourself or a perfect gift for your loved ones.

💜 New Purple Gift Set: Purple often resembles with ambition and luxury. These six aroma steamer tablets in one box are packed with calming Lavender for a better night's sleep, cooling & soothing Menthol for clearing airways, immune-supporting Vanilla & Sweet Orange, stress-banishing Watermelon, energy-enhancing Grapefruit, and cooling & senses enlivening Peppermints. This luxurious purple indulgence will treat someone you love that matches his/her vibrant purple personality. 

💛 Relaxing & Energizing Gift Set: This gift set contains 3x calming Lavender tablets, 2x body, mind & mood-enhancing Ginger & Orange, and 1x energy-enhancing Grapefruit. Citrusy Grapefruit or Ginger & Orange shower steamers are a perfect way to start someone's day with an energizing morning shower. Or your loved one needs to wash off daily chaos and unwind while he/she can relish in moist Lavender shower steamers!

Spread some love with our Compact Gift Sets – the ultimate pampering solution that'll leave a lasting impression. Your loved ones will definitely thank you for this spa-worthy treat. 



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