Pomegranate & Rose Shower Steamer: A Quick Aromatherapy Session for Any Day

Pomegranate & Rose Shower Steamer: A Quick Aromatherapy Session for Any Day

Lovers and poets alike have long praised the virtues of the rose, but it is more than just a pretty flower with fragrant petals.

Warm, fine floral sensation with faint peppery and honey notes. Who doesn't love the scent? Rose essential oil is nectar extracted from different rose species, especially Rosa centifolia L. and Rosa damascena, through the steam distillation process. Citronellol (15.9-35.3%), geraniol (8.3-30.2%), nerol (4.0-9.6%), nonadecane (4.5-16.0%) are considered the main constituents of the rose essential oil. These components are renowned for a plethora of aromatherapeutic properties, including emotional and mental health benefits.

Research on rose essential oil uncovered multiple benefits. Let's deep dive into knowing about highlighted aromatherapeutic benefits.
  • Stimulates "feel good" hormone - Studies suggest that the rose essential oil may help stimulate the brain to release endorphins, often called the "feel-good" hormone. Therefore, aromatherapy using rose oil could be an effective way to relieve pain. As per the 2015 study, researchers revealed that inhaling rose essential oil's aroma helped ease pain in postoperative children.
  • Anxiety & stress-reducing effect - Many believe rose oil's enchanting, sweet, floral scent has a relaxing effect. Several studies found that rose essential oil reduced most anxiety symptoms, including blood pressure, heart rates, breathing rates, cortisol, and blood oxygen levels.
  • Antidepressant - It is thought that rose oil promotes the release of the chemical dopamine - a chemical messenger. Dopamine plays a role in feeling pleasure and has a pivotal role in the uniquely human ability to think and plan. Researchers believe that this chemical helps to relieve the symptoms of depression. A 2012 study examined the use of rose aromatherapy for pregnant women during labor. Women who used the aromatherapy foot bath showed lower levels of anxiety and depression.
  • Reduces menstrual cramps - Aromatherapeutic massage with rose oil effectively relieves the discomfort of menstruation (a.k.a, primary dysmenorrhea). In 2012 a pilot study showed that the menstrual pain was significantly lower in the rose oil group than in control groups.

In addition to its aromatherapeutic properties, rose essential oil helps stimulate sensual pleasure, balance, and soothe skin due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, it is renowned as a potent fragrance component in the perfumery industry.

Developed in wild human imaginations and dark feelings in mind, our Pomegranate & Rose Shower Steamer combines all the goodness of delicate Rose Petal notes and wonderfully warming scents of Pomegranate to welcome emotions kindly, soften gently, and explore wisely. This shower experience is comparable to a short meditation session that cleanses both your mind and body. The steam of Pomegranate & Rose will help you feel good and relieve daily stress. Or, if you are experiencing 'lockdown fatigue' due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation, try a quick aromatherapeutic shower with Pomegranate & Rose tablet. It will be a perfect luxury escape to embrace your senses.

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