Scents that send us to our favorite destinations

Scents that send us to our favorite destinations

Some scents send us to our favorite destinations.

We all love leisure travel. It allows us to escape from daily demands and deadlines, enabling us to experience new things and soothe our minds. Unfortunately, the pandemic seems to hamper our leisure travel plans. But, still, with "fragrant flashbacks," you can bring back your past travel memories of places you can't wait to visit again.

 "Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles, and all the years you have lived" American author Hellen Keller wisely uttered this quote as she knew the power of scents. We often assume we are simply smelling scents when it comes to fragrance. But smell always involves complex interactions between many senses and intertwines with our never-ending experiences. 

What science says

According to the published white papers, scientists believe that smell and memory are closely linked because the brain's anatomy allows olfactory signals to get to the limbic system quickly. Let's find out how the scent is nostalgic.

The fragrance is made of tiny pieces known as molecules. You just inhale them through your nose when you take a deep breath. 

Up your nose is a hidden space where a unique protein is capable of binding odor molecules called odor receptors that play a vital role in the sense of smell. These odorant receptors detect fragrance molecules and respond by sending messages directly into your brain! By breathing in, you have begun an informative volley of impulses that enters specific areas of your brain to make you respond emotionally, reach related memories, and consciously recognize qualities of the smell. These distinctive areas include the amygdala part of the brain that processes emotions and memories, and regions around the hippocampus critical for memory. Input from odor receptors is also combined with other senses, including taste, touch, and vision. 

Some scents are reminiscent of places. Here are a few scents that can virtually escape you to your favorite destinations.

  • Watermelon fragrance unleashes your gourmet imaginations in Spain, Mexico, and Brazil.
  • The sensation of the fresh citrusy notes of Grapefruit reminds of languid flow into summer in Australia and citrus season in Florida.
  • Its fruity, fresh, and tangy smell of Sweet Orange calls back memories of sunshine, light, and joy, being bound to Italy and Greece.
  • With crispy and juicy, aquatic fruity notes, Pear captures the feel of nature at the Iguazu falls in Argentina.
  • Fresh fruity Pomegranate effortlessly transforms you into luxuriously rich and wonderfully warming Spain.
  • Sunny, sweet aroma with the finest citrus notes of Bergamot is reminiscent of the warm weather of Italy and South Africa.

At CLEVERFY, We have added the above potent fragrance that can transform your bathroom into your favorite travel destination. Go ahead, take a nice hot shower with your CLEVERFY shower steamers. The memories of your favorite travel destinations come flooding back to you as a happy side effect as your brain is wired.

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