Shower Steamer Scents for Every Mood: A brief guide to choosing shower steamers according to moods

Shower Steamer Scents for Every Mood: A brief guide to choosing shower steamers according to moods

Do you know that scents have significant and measurable effects on moods? The impact of fragrance on emotional states has been noted anecdotally across cultures worldwide. Science-backed research also revealed a correlation between human experiences and how the olfactory system affects emotions. It is thought that essential oil or fragrance aromatherapy benefits emotional well-being via the power of the mind-body connection aided by the limbic system.

We all experience various moods—those natural fluctuations in our emotional rhythm. But did you know that you can choose a shower steamer to match your mood? We've harnessed the power of scents to create scented shower steamer tablets that cater to your emotional needs.

🌸 Feeling Stressed or Fatigued?
Choose our Lavender shower steamer, infused with 100% pure lavender essential oil. It's a renowned stressbuster that relaxes, reduces worry, and boosts happiness. Say goodbye to headaches and restless nights. Our recommendation: Relax 18-pack

☀️ Craving Joy and Satisfaction?
Opt for our Grapefruit shower steamer. Its sweet, tart citrus scent is linked to joy, satisfaction, and playfulness. Experience therapeutic aromas that balance your mood, reduce stress, and enhance energy. Our recommendation: Energy Boost 18-pack

Seeking Upliftment and Stress Relief?
Embrace our Watermelon shower steamer, with its fresh, sweet, and enchanting aroma. It uplifts your spirit and banishes stress. Find the watermelon scent in our Purple 18-pack.

Desiring Stress-Free Energy and Mental Clarity?
Indulge in our Sweet Orange & Vanilla shower steamer. This invigorating fragrance improves physical and mental health, easing bodily discomforts and soothing worries, leaving you stress-free and energized. Find the scent in our Red 18-pack.

Needing Respiratory Relief?
Try our Menthol & Eucalyptus shower steamer—a dynamic duo that helps you breathe easy, clears airways, and provides relief from cold symptoms. Our recommendation: Breathe Easy 18-pack

Seeking Mood Enhancement and Mental Clarity?
Indulge in our Cocoa & Orange shower steamer. Its delectable blend of creamy cocoa and uplifting citrus promotes mood enhancement and mental clarity while softening strong emotions. Our recommendation: Blue 18-pack


And if you love matching your fragrance to your mood, explore our 18-packs collection—the perfect choice for creating your desired scent profile.


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