As we are constantly improving our current products and developing new ones according to our consumers needs, we have taken a step further and created a Multipack version of our top performers.
The scent variations have stayed the same but we have used different techniques for the shower steamer tablets for even better performance.


So what are the differences between hand pressed and machine pressed shower steamer tablets?

If you have been using CLEVERFY for a long time, you are very much familiar with our Gift Packs consisting of 6 shower bombs. Or you might also have used our recently launched Multipacks with 12 tablets. Whether you use a Gift Pack or Multipack, shower steamer tablets are all produced in one of two ways. You might not be able to tell the difference while glancing at the tablet or inhaling the aroma at once. But the two distinct production methods - hand-pressed and machine-pressed (a.k.a hard-pressed) - become slightly different finished products. Below are listed the differences between hand-pressed and machine-pressed shower steamer tablets.


Our Gift Packs have six:

  • hand-pressed frizzers in different colors
  • each shower tablet is decorated with petals, grains, salts, or confetti
  • you can feel its strong scent even without unwrapping the tablet
  • tablets are soft, solid textures that may easily break and get damage
  • melt relatively quickly, so the dissolving time is shorter
  • are beautifully gift wrapped


The newly introduced Multipacks on the other hand have 12:

  • machine-pressed shower tablets are white in color and wrapped in silver foil sealed with a colorful sticker (unfortunately, delightful decorations are not possible due to machine involvement)
  • have resealable and water-resistant package which makes it more comfortable to place to the shower area with other hygiene products
  • foil and packaging prevents decaying the scents before the shower and preserves the fullest strength of the aromatic effect. (As a Bonus - foil is more consumer-friendly when unwrapping)
  • the machine-pressed tablets are hard in nature, quite stable and have fewer breakages
  • melt slowly and relatively have a lengthy dissolving time.


There is a huge variation in dissolving time for hand-pressed tablets as we tested. It is challenging to say the exact difference... When there needs to be a comparison of hand-pressed and machine-pressed to decide which one is better, the balance will tip into machine-pressed favor. Why? We found the dissolving time for machine-pressed tablets is approximately 1.5x more. And, in terms of price point, Multipacks are value for money.

Whether you use a Gift Pack or a Multipack, CLEVERFY never compromises their ethos. All our products are vegan and cruelty-free. And we use the purest form of essential oils with strong scents to deliver the optimal aromatherapeutic effect.

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