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The Mind-Beauty Connection: Nurturing Inner Wellness for Outer Radiance

True beauty comes from within! It is 100% true, especially when we are talking about skincare! The quality and health of the skin are affected by genetics and age. In addition, the powerful connection between inner wellness and external appearance can result in youthful vitality and radiance. Let's deep dive into the transformative potential of nurturing inner health that focuses on everything within you –body, brain, and soul.


How to get glowing skin?

🐟🥗🫐 We are what we eat - Nutrition is vital to skin health. A well-balanced diet supports a healthy gut, reduces chronic conditions, and prevents early aging. Proper nutrition and a healthy gut & its microbiome (beneficial bacteria), including pre and probiotics, provide essential energy and nutrients to function the body well and ward off disease. It also helps prevent the imbalanced digestive system that can lead to whole-body inflammation and sensitive skin, causing acne flare-ups, rosacea, rashes, psoriasis, and even hair loss. Moreover, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant-rich fruit, vegetables as well as healthy fats sources, help address early signs of aging and wrinkles. Plus, limiting the intake of conventional dairy, sugar, processed foods, and trans fats is likely to promote healthy, youthful skin. And remember to drink plenty of water while eating a well-rounded diet.

🏄🏻🧘‍♀️🛌 Skin health reflects lifestyle - Coping stress, adequate sleep, enough exercise, and limiting alcohol, & smoking can all impact the skin positively.  

Stress has the power to cause major hormonal and brain chemical imbalances. Science-backed studies constantly reveal that the hormones and chemical messengers (a.k.a. neurotransmitters) linked with emotion can also have physical effects, affecting skin barrier dysfunction, dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles.

Sleeping for less than 6 hours at night makes you feel tired and fatigued the next day, leaving your skin dull and dry. It can also lead to problems such as under-eye bags, dark circles, and saggy skin.

Workouts results in boosting the immune system and lymphatic system, removing toxins. Physical activity also reduces, which helps us sleep better, offering the necessary restoration for a clear complexion.

Alcohol and smoking can speed up aging. Nasty chemicals in alcohol and cigars lead to the degradation of the structural protein of the skin- collagen and elastin, losing skin's firmness & elasticity and revealing uneven texture & tone. Studies have also proven that alcohol and smoking cause acne and breakouts.

🧴🌸✨ Self-care routine improves feelings of self-worth - It can provide mental and physical health benefits. Regarding beauty and a sense of self, aromatherapy fits brilliantly as a holistic self-care because it can improve the well-being of the mind, body, and mood. Adding our shower steamer tablets to your daily shower routine allows you to nurture inner self-care easily. Try our seven different shower streamers  18-packs  that suit any mood and occasion, delivering multiple health benefits and targeting various woes while you are relishing in the shower. Some of our signature scents are relaxing & worry-reducing Lavender, refreshing Grapefruit, uplifting Watermelon, mood-boosting Sweet Orange & Vanilla, breath-easing Menthol & Eucalyptus, and cooling & refreshing Peppermint.

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For an all-encompassing self-care experience, we also recommend our decollete wrinkle pads, specially designed to smooth and rejuvenate the skin on your chest area. For best results, simply apply our decolleté wrinkle pads to clean, dry skin before bed, allowing their innovative design to work its magic overnight, leaving your skin looking smoother and more refreshed!

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Breathe, and Stay Beautiful!


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