The Power of Ginger & Orange Essential Oils' Aromatherapeutic Effects

The Power of Ginger & Orange Essential Oils' Aromatherapeutic Effects

Benefits of Ginger & Orange Essential Oils 🍊

Ginger & Orange shower steamer tablets are one of the newest combinations of essential oils. This perfect essential oil blend contains hints of peppery sharp, warm ginger aroma enveloped in a perky lovely orange scent. Harnessing the power of Ginger & Orange Essential Oils' aromatherapeutic effects on the body, mind, and mood, CLEVERFY fizzers benefit you, targeting multiple concerns while you relish in moist.


Benefits & Effects

  1. Feeling balanced, relaxed, and soothed 💆‍♀️
    Ginger essential oil is known as a soothing elixir due to its chemical makeup. It helps create a balanced, grounded feeling while soothing the senses. Plus, the orange essential oil is a pleasant scent that has a cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effect which helps reduce pulse rate. Therefore, orange essential oil conveys a "comfortable," "relaxed," and "natural" feeling to calm emotional imbalances.
  2. Worry-reducing effect 🧘
    Citrusy and sweet orange essential oil, which is identical to freshly peeled, ripe, juicy oranges, helps lower the feelings of anxiety and fatigue. Proven science-back data also endorse orange essential oil. It helps improve the signaling pathway from the olfactory system to the central nervous system releasing dopamine and serotonin- happy hormones that stabilize mood and feeling of well-being. With ginger essential oil, this effect is strengthened to relieve feelings of anxiety, anxiousness, depression, and exhaustion.
  3. Better performance & productivity 📈
    Orange essential oil can influence the activities in the prefrontal cortex of the brain- the area responsible for decision-making. It is also believed to improve cognitive function, thus making it easier to recall memories. 
  4. Helps immune boost 💪
    Orange essential oil stimulates the strength and resilience of the immune system while aiding in fighting off infections. When used in aromatherapy, orange essential oils are believed to help with colds and potentially help with other viral infections.
  5. Eases short-term pain 😌
    Known to relieve discomforts associated with inflammation, soothe sore muscles, and pamper tired legs.
  6. Boosts Blood Flow 🫀
    Ginger essential oil's distinctive warm earthy nature helps promote circulation, adding an extra emotional boost for energy lagging.


More About The Formula 💎

This unique incredible scent is developed using high percentages of essential oil that deliver the strongest aroma on the market. The scent of Ginger & Orange is effective enough to release all the goodness and luxury aroma throughout your shower. Plus, it is a PETA-approved cruelty-free vegan one-of-kind-of formulae that do not include unsafe, synthetic fragrances and toxic nasties like phthalate.

CLEVERFY Ginger & Orange shower steamer tablets are available in:

Ginger & Orange fizzers are developed to level up your morning shower routine and energize you throughout the day - and but not limited to morning showers. You can use it whenever you feel an extra boost of energy. Keep one in the shower corner, create a hot steam, and breathe, breathe and breathe! 😊


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