The Power of Self-Care Habit Stacking with Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

The Power of Self-Care Habit Stacking with Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Habit-stacking is a psychological technique that can help build new habits more efficiently, harnessing the power of existing ones! This self-improvement strategy changes your mindset and helps you achieve your goals. It involves:

✅ Listing practices you already have; and
✅ Adding new self-care methods on top of them.

The endgame is for the brain to link one habit with another over time automatically. You must also include patience and consistency in the equation to build up combinations slowly for the most success.


Incorporating Habit Stacking into Self-Care ✨💆‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️

Self-care is an essential aspect of mental, physical, and emotional wellness. This habit-stacking tool ensures taking care of your self-care regimen. Say you have multiple self-care habits you want to try, like a skincare routine and meditation. Remember, prefer not to start all the combinations in one day or together. Use one habit as a cue for the next one to start. For this combination, you can focus on existing practices to begin a skin routine. You may already have a morning routine that involves brushing your teeth and cleansing your face. The existing regime will serve as the application of moisturizing cream and SPF for habit stacking. Another potential combination could be meditating for five minutes before you are getting into bed. 


What to Consider When Starting 💡☝️

Consistency is vital when it comes to habit stacking. So, try not to get discouraged, even if it takes a long time. Also, it is essential to evaluate and adjust as needed. Sometimes you may find that your new habit is not aligning with your self-care goals; it may be time to adjust. Feel free to swap products or change the steps of your routine until you find what works best for you!


Now you can enhance your showering routine with a fun habit-stacking practice! Place our shower steamer tablet on the floor where little splashes can hit the tablet and continue your regular shower routine. Our shower steamer tablets combine aromatherapy utilizing pleasant notes of essential oils to promote your health and well-being. The magic of aromatherapy works by stimulating receptor sites and sending scent-related signals that affect the amygdala of the limbic system- the emotional center of the brain where breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, hormone balance, stress levels, and memory are controlled. Therefore, many believe that aromatherapy can improve the well-being of mind, body, and mood. 😌✨🌿

There are many moments in our day-to-day life to add self-care tips and tricks using aromatherapeutic oil-infused products - topical body oils, spray mists, inhalers, and air fresheners. But it is thought that one of the effective ways to enjoy aromatherapy is through the steam bath that optimizes the inhalation benefit. Incorporate our 18-packs of shower steamers into your shower routine as habit-stacking to transform the experience to the next level. This collection has different scent blends that enhance relaxation, promote well-being, and contribute to a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle!

Some of the scent combinations include relaxing & worry-reducing Lavender, refreshing Grapefruit, uplifting Watermelon, mood-boosting Sweet Orange & Vanilla, breath-easing Menthol & Eucalyptus, and cooling & refreshing Peppermint to pamper any mood while addressing various health concerns.


Find these scents in the collection below and don't miss out on the chance to use discount code SUMMER20 to get 20% off! 💜💛💚



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