The Ultimate Gift Guide for Friends, Family, & Colleagues

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Friends, Family, & Colleagues

When you live a life that is full of incredible people, it is a really great thing. Of course, it can come with its challenges. With so many special people in your life, choosing the right gifts can be difficult–but it doesn’t need to be that way. This holiday season, we have made your gift list for you, whether you’re shopping for standalone gifts or the perfect stocking stuffers. Here is our list of presents for the special people in your life!

Choosing the Perfect Gifts for Everyone in Your Life 💝

Everyone in your life brings something special, and chances are that you want to get them something unique to match. Don’t worry–there is a gift on this list for all the special people in your life. Our Cleverfy Gift Sets have you covered!

For the Important Men in Your Life

The men in your life work hard and deserve to unwind with some calming and invigorating aromatherapy. Ideal as gifts for dads, boyfriends, husbands, and any other special men in your life, our Men’s Gift Set provides the ultimate combination of six shower bombs. This is one of the more luxurious gifts for a man, and they will love to use it.

Gifts for Mom

Your mom is a powerful force in your life, and you know she deserves the best. Our Red Gift Set includes six different incredible scents to allow her to choose from a wide variety of options while she unwinds. She will love these shower bombs and the different experiences they bring.

Gifts for Besties

Besties are the ones who celebrate you at your best and carry you through your worst, so of course, you want to show them love during the holiday season. With the Purple Gift Set, your besties can explore a full collection of shower steamers to suit every aromatherapy need. 

Gifts for Brothers and Gifts for Sisters

You probably used to hate sharing a bathroom with your siblings, but now you can give them the gift of a home spa. The Green Gift Set is a perfect de-stressor for the people who grew up by your side. Show them a little love this holiday season with a nice, neutral set of shower steamers.

Gifts for Colleagues 

Your colleagues are your work family, so it only makes sense to give them something special during the holiday season. Whether you need a gift for your peers or a gift for a boss, our Blue Gift Set was made with a collection of scents that everyone can enjoy.

Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents shower us with love and always keep us fed–so why wouldn’t we celebrate them during the holidays? This year, give your grandparents the soothing and rejuvenating gift of aromatherapy using our Purple Waves Gift Set.

Gifts for Yourself

You have been good all year too, and we think that you deserve a gift of your very own. That is why, this December, Cleverfy Beauty is offering a special promotion so you can give yourself a gift too. When you buy any two of our gift sets, you get the Rose Gold Gift Set for free!

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