Welcome to Aquarius Season!

Welcome to Aquarius Season!

Between January 20th and February 18th, we get to celebrate the eleventh sign of the zodiac! Aquarius folks are known for their bold, yet realistic nature—and the stars are aligning to help Aquarius people enjoy a very interesting year in 2023. Let’s take a closer look at top Aquarius traits and what you can do to make this year your best one yet.


What Aquarius People Can Expect in 2023 🌊✨

In recent years, many of us have experienced some truly unexpected circumstances. After such an interesting few years, you might wonder what is in store in the new year. Well, the stars have spoken—and Aquarius signs are coming out on top!

During the 2023 year, Aquarius people are going to face many challenges, according to horoscopes, but that isn’t a bad thing. As an Aquarius, you will face each new challenge with dignity and grow stronger because of it.

The final Aquarius months of the 2023 year are going to be the most challenging times for an Aquarius. This makes it a great year for self-care, but it also means you might be feeling passionate enough for a romance. Some potential lovers may present a challenge, but every new interaction will only make you bolder, more knowledgeable, and easier to love.


How to Stay True to Your Best Aquarius Traits 🧜‍♀️

As an Aquarius, you have many amazing traits to share, and this year, it is your job to lean in completely. Aquarius men and Aquarius women have plenty to gain in the new year as long as they stay true to themselves. Let 2023 be the year where you allow yourself to be the amazing and vibrant Aquarius that you were always meant to be!

Progressiveness 📈

As an Aquarius, you were born at the beginning of the year, and that timing makes you a great match for forward-thinking. This year, open your mind and allow your inner progressiveness to reach out.

Support This Trait By:

  • Volunteering
  • Learning more about a global problem
  • Donating time, money, and belongings
  • Educating yourself on a new culture

Intelligent 💡

Aquarius people are known for their distinct intelligence, and this is going to be a great year for learning. For this new era, prioritize educating yourself and strengthening your mind.

Support This Trait By:

  • Reading more books
  • Going back to school
  • Signing up for continuing education programs
  • Gaining certifications

Independent 🙋‍♀️

Some star signs are known for their codependency, but Aquarius folks are the total opposite. You are a strong, independent force of nature. All it takes is the right steps to support this!

Support This Trait By:

  • Going on solo dates
  • Traveling alone
  • Allowing yourself to tackle projects and challenges alone


Every Aquarius is a unique work of art, and this year, we are showing it all off. Make this the year to nail down your signature style and fully lean into what makes you so special.

Support This Trait By:

  • Finding new ways to make your style unique
  • Being your most vibrant and unapologetic self
  • Dancing like no one’s watching

Aromatherapy Like an Aquarius! 🍋🌸🍐

Although Aquarius’ are known for their signature traits, they can also be spotted by their signature smells too! As an Aquarius, you are drawn to citrus scents and fruity aromas. These scents can give you a crisp and refreshing boost while promoting clarity. Fruit fragrances, essential oils, and aromatherapy shower steamers can all be used to make this an Aquarius month to remember–and we have them all at Cleverfy Beauty!

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Find your signature scent, and enjoy yourself today!



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