Welcome to Aries Season!

Welcome to Aries Season!

Aries season is among us, beginning on March 21st and ending on April 19th. Those with the fire sign are best known for their distinct characteristics, such as their competitive nature, natural independence, and assertiveness. The average Aries is highly energetic, enthusiastic, passionate about their likes and interests, and courageous enough to take a stand, even if it means they will stand alone. Some of the most commonly loved scents for Aries include slightly woody fragrances with fresh and invigorating hints of citrus, which can help them relax and unwind after a long day, especially when taking a shower with shower steamers that provide a long-lasting, desirable scent.


What to Expect in 2023 as an Aries ♈🔮🐏

If you're an Aries who has had a difficult time these past few years, you may feel relieved to know that things are looking much better and brighter than ever for 2023. Astrological predictions show Aries becoming more financially independent this year, possibly earning more than they ever have while potentially receiving a promotion or finding a new, more rewarding job! 

If you've been yearning for better opportunities, both professionally and personally, this year may be the year to turn a new page as you open the doors to endless possibilities! Unfortunately, while it may be the year of good fortune, some predictions show that Aries may experience a few health issues here and there. One way to combat illness and stress less is to use the power of aromatherapy, which can put your mind at ease and leave you feeling well-rested. By adding shower steamers to your hot and steamy shower, you can reap the natural benefits that come with aromatherapy and discover how good it can make you feel.


How to Feel Your Best Throughout the Year as an Aries 🥰✨💫

Although you may experience a few ups and downs in 2023, with a lot of good coming your way, you can take a few simple steps to ensure you're constantly feeling your best as an Aries!


Take Good Care of Yourself 💖🛀💆📚

Focus on prioritizing yourself through the power of self-care! A relaxing hot shower with shower melts in scents for Aries would be the perfect way to start your day each morning. Don't forget about soaking in the tub at night before bed, reading good books in your spare time, and even meditating throughout the day to relax your mind and body.

Change Your Mindset 💡🧘🏻‍♀️💭

Work on maintaining a positive mindset. A mindset shift can leave you feeling more confident to go for what you want, which can help you find a better job or even make it possible to earn more money than you have in the past.

It's the little things that can help you get through this year as an Aries, such as taking better care of yourself, changing your mindset to become the most positive version of yourself, and using shower steamers with scents for Aries to experience the natural benefits of aromatherapy. As an Aries, we recommend you the Purple 18-pack for everyday use, and the Purple Gift Set for your Aries friend! All Purple products include incredible fragrance options, including Vanilla & Orange and Grapefruit scents.

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