Welcome to Leo Season

Welcome to Leo Season

Leo season runs from July 23rd to August 22nd. The lion symbolizes the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac. A fixed fire sign ruled by the sun; thus, they can be seen as confident, energetic, and passionate. Leos are natural leaders and the kings and queens of the celestial jungle, much like their spirit animal. Leo natives are known to have a tendency towards readiness to blaze a trail and vanquish injustice. Plus, they are warm-hearted, loyal, have a strong sense of humor, and fall for equally enthusiastic partners! Their traits also include drama-adoring, especially if they feel they are not the center of attention. Because of their inherent confidence and willingness to display it, Leos can be jealous, controlling, and possessive at their worst. Moreover, people of the Leo zodiac sign are very focused and unstoppable, but at the same time, they might have large egos and don't respond well to criticism.


What Has Zodiac Leo to Expect in the Year 2023 ♌🦁🔮

The 2023 astrological calendar promises to be an exciting and dynamic year for those born under the sign of Leo. Career predictions for Leo in 2023 suggest new possibilities and chances for success for you. Moving towards the end of July, you will become highly passionate about work. It is emotionally intense and satisfyingly energizing. You are growing into the leader you were born to be. But there will be many obstacles in your way to success as well. Due to this, you will be more focused and move towards your goal. You may experience mental stress and anxiety because of a heavy workload, overthinking and unnecessary worry. (Pro tip: adding our aromatherapy-infused shower steamer tablets to your hot shower routine is an effective yet affordable way of enhancing your emotional, mental, and physical well-being!).


In general, 2023 is expected to bring luck for Leos in the realm of love and relationships, as Venus enters your romance sector, symbolizing love and affection. Building self-awareness will strengthen your relationships and contribute to a happier family life. Fortunately, Leos can anticipate good health overall, with no major surprises. However, it's important to remain cautious of potential concerns such as fever, fatigue, and digestive system issues.


How to Feel Your Best Throughout the Year as a Leo 🥗🧘🌸

Astrologers advise that being honest about your emotions is currently a significant theme, and as a cosmic lion like you, maintaining your commitment and sincerity will lead to success. Get grounded and focus your energy on a healthy project unrelated to your job, which may bring newfound enthusiasm and invigoration. While these exciting experiences boost your energy levels day by day, remember not to skip workouts or neglect stress-reducing strategies like meditation and aromatherapy, as the planets suggest.


Take Good Care of Yourself 💕🚿✨

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