How To Use The Cleverfy UV Detection Stickers

Since 50% of adults don’t know how much sunscreen to apply, we want to offer everyone a tool to stay safe in the sun. The UV detection stickers show through color change when more sunscreen is needed or when the sun is to be avoided for the rest of the day.

How to apply the sticker

Applying the UV detection sticker works exactly like applying a temporary tattoo.

  1. Peel off the plastic layer of the sticker
  2. Pick a spot on your body with limited skin movement and body hair. (the shoulder, hands, and arms are suitable spots for most people)
  3. Place it face down on your skin
  4. Apply plenty of water on the back of the sicker (fully saturate the paper with water)
  5. Discard the backing and let the sticker dry
  6. Apply sunscreen on the sticker and the rest of your body

How to read the sticker

The colors of the sticker indicate your protection level. They gradually change from yellow to beige to purple, based on the amount UV it has been exposed to. The easiest way to check the meaning of each color is to check the handy color-scheme at the front of the packaging.

YELLOW - No UV detected. This means you are protected from harmful UV rays.
BEIGE - You are exposed to UV - re-apply sunscreen.
PURPLE - You have been exposed to UV for too long. Receiving any more UV puts you at risk of sunburn. Stay in the shadow or cover your skin.

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